It's strawberry fields forever for Trace Adkins, as he's bringing home his own strawberry-shaped guitar, courtesy of the Florida Strawberry Festival. He was given the bright red and green instrument at the annual festival in Plant City, Fla. for all the work he does on behalf of kids that have food allergies.

The guitar was handed to the country star by Doug Ranno, COO of Colorful Harvest LLC, Salinas, Calif., as he and Adkins both have daughters with life-threatening allergies to food.

In 2008, Adkins participated in 'Celebrity Apprentice' with one goal: to win the most money for his charity, the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN). He lost to Piers Morgan in the finale, but through the course of the show, he still raised over $100,000.

Adkins' young daughter Brianna was diagnosed with a severe allergy to peanuts when she was under a year old. It has since been revealed she also has allergies to all tree nuts, milk products, eggs, chicken, mushrooms and more. Adkins and his wife Rhonda are tireless warriors for their daughter, and the country singer says, "The detective work is endless, and you can never let your guard down or a fatal mistake might happen."

Last weekend, Adkins took the time to autograph a second strawberry-shaped guitar for Colorful Harvest to use at an upcoming auction for the Florida State Strawberry Growers Association’s scholarship program.