If Trace Adkins was shy about sharing the more intimate details of his wardrobe, he'd probably be upset with his wife Rhonda today. However, the country giant has proven in the past that he's willing to let fans see what's behind the metaphorical curtain (and the actual one). On Monday afternoon, what started as an innocent tweet ended up with a picture of the big man's underwear.

"Just got back from Bentonville, AR. Went to Walmart HQ. Got some new Superman underwear," Adkins tweeted. We responded with "Prove it!" -- and we got our wish.

Ask and you shall receive, as they say. Two hours later, Adkins' wife Rhonda tweeted this picture of the singer's blue and red briefs. The tag is still on them, so we can assume (hope?) that he's yet to try them on.

Both Trace and his wife are among the more amusing and interactive people to follow on Twitter. The singer has shown great willingness to poke fun at himself, with his wife picking up opportunities he misses. Adkins also responds to nearly every fan tweet -- an impressive gesture since he's nearing 165K followers.