Trace Adkins is once again exercising his acting muscles, with an appearance in the upcoming Matthew McConaughey-starring feature film 'The Lincoln Lawyer.'

Over the years, Adkins has dipped his toe into the acting pool several times. His videos for songs like 'Honky Tonk Badonkadonk' are known for their highly theatrical qualities. The singer has also had roles on television shows like 'King of the Hill' and films such as 'Trailer Park of Terror.' (How'd we miss that one?)

In the movie, Adkins stars alongside A-listers including bongo enthusiast McConaughey, Marisa Tomei and William H. Macy. The film is centered around McConaughey's portrayal of Mickey Haller, a lawyer in L.A. who conducts his business out of the back of a Lincoln sedan.

Although Adkins has a smaller role, his appearance in the film definitely leaves an impression. Adkins appears as Eddie Vogel, the tough leader of a biker gang that Haller has managed to keep out of jail despite his constant involvement in illegal activities.

When asked by the Boot about what it was like working on the film, Adkins replied, "It was a great experience. Everything I did was with Matthew. I enjoyed working with him. He's a great guy. We grew up about 60 miles apart; he's an East Texas boy. We got along good and had fun."

Adkins may be a musician at heart, but he also hopes to continue acting. "I'd like to [continue acting]. I enjoy doing it. I really embrace the challenge." 'The Lincoln Lawyer' is set to hit theaters March 18.

Watch the 'The Lincoln Lawyer' Trailer