Trace Adkins had an interesting Valentine's Day surprise this past Monday. His gift to his wife Rhonda was not chocolates or lingerie ... it was a brand new washer and dryer! Except the country star didn't even know he bought it.

Adkins tells Chicago radio station WUSN that he came home to find a guy installing a brand-new washer and dryer in his garage Monday. He says, "She [his wife] got a washer and dryer put in the garage for the dog's bed. Isn't that crazy?"

As the country star tells it, Adkins approached the man installing the appliances in his garage and asked him what he was doing. The guy's response: "Your wife wanted me to do this."

When Adkins found his wife, he said, "I have washed stuff in a washing machine that would make you throw up! And then the next load, you can wash a tablecloth. It's a washing machine! That's what it does. It gets dirty stuff out, flushes it down the thing and then it's good to go again.'"

The morning radio hosts commented on what a great idea they thought that was, with the dog hair basically in one place now, to which Adkins had only one questioning word: "Huh."