Trace Adkins selected Dewey Longuski's 'Headin' Out to Tasty Town' as the winner of the Waggin' Train Tail Waggin' Jingle Contest yesterday afternoon in Nashville. The competition asked contestants to submit a 60-second video describing how they have a "tail waggin' good time" with their best buddies. Longuski's video featured his pet Border Collie.

"The way he sang it sounded like one of those old singing cowboys," Adkins tells Taste of Country. "I mean it was just perfect. It was perfect. He absolutely nailed it."

Each of the five finalists performed their jingle live at the Hard Rock Cafe. Adkins was the competition's only judge, but he said choosing the winner wasn't difficult. The Mason, Mich. resident won him over from a musical and a marketing perspective.

All five finalists won a trip to Nashville to perform in front of Adkins and tickets to Wednesday night's CMA Awards at the Bridgestone Arena. Longuski also got to perform his jingle in a recording session produced by Adkins and may have his jingle featured on Waggin' Train's official website and Facebook page.

Adkins says he enjoys doing things that allow him to step out of the traditional Music City box. "I'm at a really beautiful place in my career and my life now where I can make choices based on that. 'Is this something that I'll enjoy, something that'll be fun to do?' And if the answer to that question is yes, I'll probably go do it. And this was one of those things."