A misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge against Tracy Lawrence has been dropped. Tiffin, Ohio prosecutors don't argue that the singer wasn't involved in a fight with concert promoter Elmer Cole earlier this month. They just say he didn't start it.

A memorandum reads, "Disorderly conduct could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt … if the charge of disorderly conduct were prosecuted, defendant would successfully claim self-defense, and the state would be unable to secure a conviction at trial." A witness saw Cole throw the first punch, the memo says. "The statement is supported by [Lawrence's] physical injuries, which were greater than Mr. Cole's and indicate an unexpected attack rather than mutual combat."

According to the Advertiser-Tribune, Lawrence had just finished performing and was preparing to leave the Smokin' Country Concert in Bloomville, Ohio on August 6. His crew was blocked in -- at least one bus was stuck in the mud. A skirmish ensued, with both men eventually heading to the hospital. Cole's disorderly conduct charges were not dismissed.

"We're happy about the dismissal," Lawrence's attorney Dean Henry told the Advertiser-Tribune. "I know that Mr. Lawrence is going to be happy." This weekend, the singer has shows in Lampe, Mo. and Huntsville, Tenn.