Just in time for Halloween, Travis Tritt is inviting fans to his cabin in the Blue RidgMountains to share his spooky stories of the paranormal activity he says he’s experienced at the lodge. Tritt will be appearing on the Lifetime network’s The Haunting Of … series, where he will interact with psychic-medium Kim Russo.

Russo will visit the cabin and attempt to uncover the cabin’s dark history. The original series surrounds Russo’s investigations into the stories of celebrities who say their lives have been changed by paranormal events. Tritt’s episode of the show will air at 9PM ET on Oct. 29.

Fans can view the trailer for the show’s upcoming season, featuring clips from Tritt’s episode, here.

The country singer's most recent record, The Calm After …, was released in 2012 through his own record label. Tritt remains one of the most celebrated artists of his time. His 25-year career has produced two Grammy wins and millions in album sales.

Tritt had an unfortunate summer this year, however, as his part of his property in Georgia caught fire in July, he confirmed via Twitter. Thankfully the home was spared, and only the playground in the backyard was destroyed. No one was hurt in the incident.

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