Over the past few years, Trent Willmon has been driving hits up the country singles chart as a songwriter, as he is the co-writer behind Steel Magnolia's 'Keep on Lovin' You' and Montgomery Gentry's 'Back When I Knew It All.' Well now, the ruggedly handsome, real-life cowboy has released the first single from his brand-new album, 'Little Ol' Cafe,' titled 'Wish You Were Beer.'

The song's lyrics came about as a happy accident after Willmon bumped into fellow songwriter Bart Butler at Nashville bar, Losers.

"Losers is owned by George Strait’s manager, Erv Woolsey," Willmon tells Taste of Country. "At any point in time, you may walk in there and see Miranda Lambert or Blake [Shelton] … it’s where a lot of artists like to hang out. It’s a typical old, smoky beer joint. I walked in there one afternoon after writing all day, and I ran into Bart Butler, who is also from Texas. We ordered a beer, and he said, 'Man, I have this great idea for a song.' As he popped the top on his beer, he said, 'I Wish You Were Beer.' I said, 'We are writing that!'"

The two got together a few days later, along with Larry McCoy, and worked on the song. "We just sat down and wrote this country shuffle," Willmon says. "It was one of the easiest songs that I’ve ever written. You've got three guys talking about drinking beer, so it just kind of fell out on the floor. It was real easy and fun to write."

The tune is the perfect kick off for summertime, as Willmon puts a spin on words about how his woman would be that much better if she were just like his beverage of choice.

"Wish you were beer / Something nice to hold / Lord I wish that you would just get better when you get ice cold / It's never fussin' or cussin' / Being mean and screamin' / And chewin' on my derriere / Yes, my dear / I wish you were beer," Willmon sings in the lyrics of the song's first chorus.

"This song is nothin' but fun," Willmon says. "We’ve been playing this song out live since the week that I wrote it. It just tears down the house. We end our show with it. People just love the song, even the people who aren’t beer drinkers, because it’s funny but it's also a two-steppin’ shuffle."

'Wish You Were Beer' shipped to radio earlier this month. Willmon's 'Little Ol' Cafe' album is currently available for purchase through his website.