Trisha Yearwood recently celebrated having her star cemented into Nashville's Music City Walk of Fame with husband Garth Brooks. A major milestone in any artist's career, Yearwood offered some advice to aspiring female artists in the genre while at the ceremony. Most notably, she stressed the importance of being unique.

“I think women actually have an opportunity," Yearwood tells CountryMusicIsLove. "My advice would be to just be true to yourself and be you."

Yearwood adds that women have every opportunity to be unique, but said up-and-coming female artists like Cam and Mickey Guyton should embrace being themselves.

"They know what they want to do; they know what they want to do with their music,” she explains. “The most important voice to listen to is the one in your head because everybody is going to be telling you something else. As long as you go to sleep at night and go, 'I made that decision, right or wrong, for me.' That’s the most important thing."

While 2015 has brought the concern of women not being played enough on the radio, Yearwood argues that it hasn't always been easy to be a guy in country music.

"It’s hard to be unique, and especially for guys. When I was first starting it was whether you wore the hat or didn’t wear the hat," she insists. "It was hard to really distinguish yourself."

Yearwood has made a career of distinguishing herself from numerous No. 1 songs to her Trisha's Southern Cooking television show and cookbooks. She is currently on tour with Garth Brooks for his world tour.

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