Trisha Yearwood's 2010 cookbook, 'Home Cooking,' was a huge hit with the public, but a new report from the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine derided her recipes as some of the most unhealthy they've ever seen. 

"These cookbooks completely disregard the fact that America's in the midst of an obesity epidemic," states Susan Levin, the nutrition education director for the PCRM. "They use some of the worst possible ingredients in terms of nutritional profiles, [with] lots of heavy cream and butter."

Levin expressed particular scorn for a breakfast meal apparently favored by Yearwood's husband, Garth Brooks. "Garth's Breakfast Bowl" features eight large eggs, a pound of bacon, a pound of sausage, cheese, tater tots and butter.

Hopefully that provides more than one serving. We tried totaling up the calories for that meal, but our calculator ran out of numbers.  Sounds delicious, though, right?