The version of Trisha Yearwood's "I Remember You" fans hear on her PrizeFighter: Hit After Hit album, isn't the version she originally intended to record. A second pass at the song is to blame for those hairs standing at attention on your neck.

Yearwood embraces the very personal nature of this song. "I Remember You" is performed with her late mother Gwen in mind. Understandably, it's very difficult for her to get through the song without breaking down.

"I can picture you, like a photograph / I can see your smile / I can hear your laugh / No I don't have to look back / I remember you," Yearwood sings to begin the song.

After recording the song, Yearwood decided to re-enter the studio to cut it again with little more than guitar accompaniment. The stark nature of the production leaves her emotions at the forefront of the performance. Only a professional singer and storyteller could do that confidently. Yearwood sings as if no one's watching.

"And I know some day / Only God knows when / I'll touch your face / And I'll breathe again / And life goes on, so until then / I remember you," she adds during the final verse.

If you've never lost someone near to your heart, "I Remember You" will land with a thud. That's a small audience, however — the overwhelming majority of rooms the song is heard in will hush to pin-drop levels. One is inclined to want to thank the singer for this poignant three-plus minutes of sorrow and hope.

Key Lyrics: "You can ask the sun / You can ask the moon / Every day that goes by / I remember you"

Did You Know?: Trisha Yearwood's sister Beth sings harmonies on this song. Learn the story behind that in the second video below.

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