Trisha Yearwood admits she was honored to perform the national anthem at the World Series this week. The singer launched Game 1 between the San Francisco Giants and the Kansas City Royals, and she didn't disappoint.

Before the first pitch was thrown on Tuesday (Oct. 21), Yearwood took the baseball diamond to sing the 'Star Spangled Banner.' The Grammy winner was all smiles as the announcer said her name, despite the fact that she's sang at many a World Series. She says it never gets old.

"I love to do it," she told before the game began. "It's such an honor."

Yearwood is also thankful the timing worked out, as she's currently on the road with husband Garth Brooks for his huge comeback tour. "I knew when the window of the World Series was, and I said, 'If I can do it, I'd love to do it,'" the singer explains. "I was so excited that I got to be here for Game 1."

Yearwood is a big baseball fan, but 'her team' didn't make it to the World Series this year. The 'PrizeFighter' singer grew up in Georgia and is an Atlanta Braves fan -- she's been going to games for a long time. She's still enjoying the excitement, however, and is pulling for the Royals to win it all.

Brooks has a good relationship with the Kansas City baseball team, which only aided in her choice of who to root for.

"Garth's charity has done a lot of work with kids and a lot of work with Major League Baseball," Yearwood says, adding, "and he actually did Spring Training with the Royals a few years ago."

The Giants won Game 1, so sadly, Yearwood probably isn't the Royals' lucky charm. At least her performance was great!

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