Country newcomer Tucker Beathard proves he isn't afraid of heartbreak with his new song "Faithful." The singer and songwriter helped write the ballad, and this stripped-down performance video leaves no doubt he's reliving a memory every time he sings it.

Fans won’t find the song on Beathard’s Tucker Beathard: The Demos - Vol. 1 EP, released earlier this fall. Here it's just his voice and electric guitar resonating through the room. Long blond hair spills from his signature black baseball cap, and a cross remains tight to his chest as he closes his eyes to sing each verse and chorus:

“But hey you / Let’s do / What everybody swears is just too hard to / I say / We lay / It all out on the table / If you’re with me girl I’m able / Let’s be faithful," he sings during the chorus. The Dot recording artist can be described as country soul on this song.

Beathard is asking for reciprocated love during "Faithful," a song co-written by Marla Cannon. Most of the songs on his EP come from personal experience, and he doesn't hide behind stories from his wilder years. "Momma and Jesus" was born from his rebel years. His father — famous songwriter Casey Beathard — also scored a hit from that time. The older Beathard co-wrote Eric Church's "Homeboy."

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