Ty Herndon's video for 'Journey On' is much more than your average music video, it is a message of awareness. The video is centered around former NFL player Kevin Turner and his battle against the muscular disease ALS, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. The lyrics to 'Journey On' are the perfect backing track to Kevin Turner's story, as Herndon sings about finding the inner strength and optimism to overcome the hardships that life throws your way.

'Journey On' begins with a message from Kevin Turner himself. Turner was a fullback for the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots throughout the 1990s. As one of the strongest men on his team, one can only imagine how devastating it must have been for Turner to find out that he had ALS. However, Turner is not letting this diagnosis kill his spirits, and is instead working to raise awareness and the funds to find a cure. At the beginning of the 'Journey On' video, he says, "But I'm not alone in this battle -- I have my family and friends. And also, the 5,600 other Americans that are diagnosed with ALS this year."

Herndon and Turner met at an ALS benefit earlier this year. Turner heard 'Journey On' at the benefit and was inspired by the song's message. He approached Herndon about working with together, and now 'Journey On' has become to official theme song for the Kevin Turner Foundation,  which spreads awareness about ALS and funds research for a cure. After Turner's opening message, the video for 'Journey On' shows footage from when Turner was playing in the NFL, as Herndon sings his message of hope in the background. The 'Journey On' video is available for purchase on iTunes, with all proceeds going directly to the Kevin Turner Foundation.

Herndon's album of the same name was recently nominated for a 2011 Grammy for Best Southern, Country or Bluegrass Gospel Album. The inspirational and deeply personal album marks Herndon's debut as a songwriter. Herndon's video for 'Journey On' is also the first video to place on CMT's Top 5 video countdown without already being in rotation on the television network. Hopefully, this means that country music community is inspired by 'Journey On' and Kevin Turner's story. Visit the Kevin Turner Foundation website to learn more about ALS and to donate money to find a cure.