Ty Stone's new southern rock single 'American Style' is quickly becoming a working man's anthem as it spreads like a wildfire across country radio nationwide. The tune is a page out of the singer's life, and is something that is hitting home with country music fans.

"'American Style,' every word is literally the story of what was going on in my life at the time," Stone tells Taste of Country. "I didn’t realize that until after I had written it. I just love the song."

"Me and my sister used to run our mouths / About growin' up and getting out / We're both still livin' in the same damn house / And ain't nobody goin' nowhere / Old man’s still workin’ just turned 58 / Talks retirement tells mama someday / But they can't make it on that 401k / So there ain't nobody goin' nowhere," Stone sings in the first verse.

"I was living in the same house I was born in at the time when I wrote this song. My girlfriend was living there, and my buddy Mike was sleeping on the couch," notes Stone as he references the first and second verse of the song. "My dad was talking about retiring, but he couldn’t afford to. This whole song is a true story of what was going on in my life. That’s what makes this song so special to me."

The chorus was designed to touch on topics men and women alike can relate to:

"We’re a family … American Style / From the hard hats in the steel mills to the farmers on the plow / We're all in this together, every mother, man and child / We're a family … American Style," Stone sings.

"It goes over so well when we play it live," Stone says of the song. "People are screaming and on their feet during it. It’s cool to see that there is somebody out there who feels the same way as me about the song. It’s connecting to the world. I love that song."