Country newcomer Ty Stone might have the sweetest proposal story of the year. The 'American Style' singer shared that it began with a trip to New York City. The night before the big question, he told Valerie Darson that it could be a year or two before could save up the money to propose. “I took her for a carriage ride through Central Park, all these different things,” Stone said. “I just wore her out! We went back to the hotel, and I picked up my guitar and started picking on it. She loves when I play for her. She goes, ‘What is that?’ So I was like, ‘Sit down. I’ll play you something.’ So I play her this song, and halfway through the song she’s just sobbing! It’s just a very sweet song that’s very true about our love and our relationship and everything. Then at the end, the last line in the song is ‘won’t you say you’ll be my wife?‘ She was just sitting there looking at me with tears in her eyes and everything. I pulled the ring out, and I was like, ‘It comes with this.’ She just lost it! Of course she said yes.” Stone says they're thinking of a Valentine's Day wedding -- Valentine's Day 2013, that is.