Suffer in Peace is filled with dark breakup songs and heavy messages to friends or the military. One song from Tyler Farr's new album is much more playful. "Better in Boots" is sure to be hit if the singer plays it live at festivals this summer.

"It's pretty much a girl party song for the summer," Farr says of the track. He's a fan of the look, it seems. In the above Instagram video, exclusive to Taste of Country, he can only think of one way to describe what he likes: "Kablammo!"

“We ain’t gotta worry ‘bout getting dirty / We can do whatever we want / Baby put your Luccheses on / You know you want to / We got a full moon / And it’s Friday night / Really got me sure hooked / Dang nothing ever looked better in boots,” Farr sings at the chorus. Check it out on the full album when Suffer in Peace drops on April 28.

This is the fourth of five songs Farr has previewed with Taste of Country. On Friday he's set to talk about what "Damn Good Friends" means to him. The song is a duet with Jason Aldean.

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