The final song on Tyler Farr's Suffer in Peace album is his tribute to the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces. "Why We Live Here" isn't a typical dedication, but the song says what the singer wanted to say.

In this Instagram video, exclusive to Taste of Country, Farr calls the song one of his favorites from his second album. “The United States military mean a lot to me, and this was me showing my gratitude and respect towards them," he says.

“Right now there’s a man serving overseas / Seeing things he wished he didn’t see / Picture of his wife tucked in his vest / Fightin’ the fight we ain’t finished yet,” Farr sings during the second verse.

“That’s why I live here / Damn right we ain’t going anywhere / Home of the brave, baseball and cold beer / It’s pretty clear / That’s why we live here.” 

This is the third of five IG videos Farr filmed for Taste of Country. Each explains a new song from Suffer in Peace, due to drop April 28. On Thursday he'll talk about "Better in Boots."

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