Just before the Super Bowl last February, Florida Georgia Line, Dierks Bentley and Jason Aldean rolled into Phoenix to play a massive "The Night Before" concert at the US Airways Center, then stuck around for a few days of parties and celebration.

Everything went smooth with the show, and later the guys in FGL even got in some high-stakes bowling with Bentley, comedian Kevin Hart and rapper-turned-country dabbler Nelly. Everyone decided to put some money on the game, and FGL's Tyler Hubbard came out on top, to the tune of about $500.

But after that, the whole crew went to watch one of Hart's hilarious standup routines, and Hubbard was forced to learn a valuable — if slightly embarrassing — lesson about gambling.

The country duo told their story to Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton, starting with FGL's Brian Kelley.

“You want to hear the best part of that story?" Kelley asks. "Tyler, tell him what happened to that money later that night at the Kevin Hart show.”

"I got hustled, straight up," Hubbard answers a little sheepishly. "I got distracted by these dudes in the bathroom. This guy has a flat board with three caps and a piece of paper under one of them. Everybody’s betting on where the piece of paper was. I had these hundreds in my pocket from bowling that afternoon, and was like 'This looks like fun. I could easily win this game.' The next thing you know, I walk out of that restroom and that guy took me for — I'm getting nauseous just talking about it — I think he might have took me for $700 or $800 in the bathroom!"

Adds the singer, "It’s so embarrassing. It ruined my night, to be honest, it was a tough night for me. After that, I decided no more gambling for this guy."

"Don't gamble in the bathroom," Kelley summarizes with a laugh.

"That was a terrible decision on my end," Hubbard admits. "Lesson learned."

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