When Luke Bryan isn't kicking the dust up, he's splashing around in his boat — and he's not the only country star who winds down by fishing. Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard's also a fan of the sport, and apparently, a fan of competition.

Fans that follow Bryan on social media will know the Georgia boy really likes to show off his more impressive catches. He's frequently photographed on a small fishing boat with a large bass and a really proud grin. So when Hubbard recently went out on the water, he had to share his ... 'winner,' also calling out the "Kick the Dust Up" singer.

On Sunday (June 14), Hubbard posted a selfie in black flat-bill ball cap, a pair of shades and a subtle smile. In his hand he's holding a teeny tiny fish, but it's his caption that really makes the post worthwhile.

"Luke Bryan ain't got nothing on this," Hubbard writes, clearly poking some fun at his own catch. Fans thought it was pretty funny too because the image got more than 14,000 likes on Instagram.

We can't help but hope that Bryan has a funny response to Hubbard's share. Maybe his next catch will be a shark, or a 10 pound bass? Fish on, boys.

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