"One time I went on a Valentine’s date and this girl, of course, just thought I was an idiot, so she shows up with a 12-pack of beer for Valentine’s Day. You could tell she was like, ‘What should I get him?’ and then her friends and her thought I was so shallow that all I would be able to appreciate from her was beer. So I said, ‘Oh, thank you.’ Then when she walked in, little did she know, that I had decked out the place and cooked – and this wasn’t even like a girlfriend. I just wanted to show her that I had a different side to me. So I cooked and I even cleaned [laughs]! I actually cleaned then cooked then cleaned [laughs].

But then throughout the years, I’ve actually created something … there’s a Valentine’s Day, but me and all the single people in the world make Valentine’s Night. So the little lovebirds can have Valentine’s Day, and the single people would have Valentine’s Night … that’s when they go out and meet their future ex. That drunken, Valentine’s mistake could be your soulmate [laughs]." - Jerrod Niemann