Country legend Vince Gill's latest single, 'Threaten Me Heaven,' is struggling to crack the Top 40 on country music charts, and he's upset about it. In a recent interview, Gill said it's upsetting to see songs that he feels are not nearly as good as his have the success he's been searching for over the last decade.

"If they're not as good, if the records aren't as great, if the c---- coming along is better, great," Gill told the Associated Press. "All I ever wanted any of the people coming along to be was great. But if you get replaced by what you feel is not even close to as good, that messes with you, I guess."

Gill is known as one of the nicest men in Nashville, but his comments show a competitive fire that sparked and sustained his career through the '90s. He hasn't had a Top 10 hit since 2000's 'Feels Like Love,' but his albums -- including the recently released 'Guitar Slinger' -- have been consistently praised by fans and critics.

"I still sit in the car when I hear my song on the radio, and in this stretch of the last few years where I haven't, that hurts. It's still no fun. It's a drag to do what you do and they're not interested. You can't help be a little bit deflated by all that. Your desire doesn't change. Mine hasn't changed."

Gill is scheduled to be part of a tribute to Glen Campbell at the 2011 CMA Awards on Wednesday, Nov. 9.