Newcomer Walker Hayes and his latest single, 'Why Wait for Summer,' provides an anthem for the millions of us out there longing for summer to arrive as winter storms keep going full speed ahead.

'Why Wait for Summer' hit radio this week and should help everyone remember that summer is not too far off the seasonal radar. The uptempo groove will quickly catch your ear, but what really takes the chill out of the air is the warm feeling of the lyrics.

Hayes sings about loading up the foam cooler with limes and Coronas, grabbing his girl and finding summer on their own down in Pensacola, Fla. "Let's get the heck out of this refrigerator / Let's fire up that heat to a summer wonderland /Gonna make snow angels in the soft white sand."

The catchy chorus will be a rallying cry for what's left of this winter as we all count down the days to summer ... or find our own summer elsewhere until then! "Why wait for summer / Why wait for summer to show up / Why wait when somewhere down there summer is waiting on us."

Listen to Walker Hayes, 'Why Wait for Summer'