As Taylor Swift's Speak Now world tour rolls on in full swing, fans and concert-goers are wondering, what is written on Taylor Swift's arm each night? The answer? Song lyrics!

Not her own lyrics, of course. Though Swift's love-filled and inspiring lyrics are music to millions of people's ears, the singer herself finds solace in other artist's songs. Each night before her concerts, the 'Love Story' songstress takes a black Sharpie to her left arm to write a line from a different song that speaks to her.

The genre varies show by show, most likely based on Swift's mood, and she's penned inspiring lines from everyone from fellow country stars Faith Hill and the Dixie Chicks, to rockers U2 and Tom Petty, and even a line from her friend Selena Gomez's hit, 'Who Says.'

At last night's (July 23) Newark, N.J. show, the pop-country singer sported an arm full of Jimmy Eat World lyrics that read: "I was only there to sing your song what were you protecting yourself from." On July 10 in Knoxville, TN, Swift wore the line, "You won't be the songs that I could never write" -- lyrics penned by her opening act, Needtobreathe.

We're anxious to see which musician or band the 'Mean' hitmaker will pay homage to next! As many of the artists she writes lyrics from on her arms probably look up to her, it's only fair that she pay it forward.

The Speak Now World Tour continues through November 22.