The two adorable kids in this music video certainly raise the "tugging at the heartstrings" theme, but the real focal point is the mom. If you've seen this mystery clip, you know that she's the star -- and subject -- of the song and music video.

Do you know which music video the picture is from? To clue you in, the woman is part of a ballad that moves quickly through time, from her moody high school days to juggling the challenges and joys of motherhood. In a sense, it reminds every individual -- whether they're still in school or getting gray hair -- to cherish every moment.

The song, released at the beginning of 2008, is the male artist's fastest-climbing single to date, and its poignant lyrics are enough to make any gal (or guy!) tear up just a little. To check if your guess is correct and to see more country music video trivia, click the button below.