Shot in a surburban area in Murfreesboro, Tenn., this little girl, along with several other neighborhood kids, made cameos throughout this music video. It was released during spring of 2012, and was nominated for Music Video of the Year for the 2012 CMAs (but we're not tellin' if it won or not -- that would make it way too easy). Do you know what music video this picture is from?

It begins with a video blog of a beautiful girl profiling her next boyfriend. Throughout the video, the girl and her boyfriend are shown during sweet, romantic times of their relationship, as well as difficult, tense, heartbreaking moments. It's an honest picture of what lots of romantic relationships look like, and doesn't sugarcoat the real difficulty it takes to make a relationship work. Click the button below to see if you guessed right, and to see more country video trivia.