This, err, classy green car is a getaway vehicle of sorts, but the escape didn't involve murder or robbery; there was a kidnapping. And the country singer (or is there more than one?) is actually in the car and completed the (very comical) abduction, although we aren't letting you get a full-on view of the star(s). That would make it far too easy. Do you know what music video this picture is from?

The song is one of the catchiest in recent years, and the lyrics center on a woman and her unhealthy obsession with an ex-lover. It's a video that will make you laugh ... and laugh some more, because it's overtly dramatic, odd and entertaining. If you recognize the car, you'll know the answer right away, but if you don't, here are a few other clues: there is cake, a mugshot and a sack over someone's head.