Yes, as a matter of fact, that is a picture of a white horse's eye. And, contrary to what many country fans might think, this is not from Taylor Swift's 'White Horse' video (you didn't think we'd make it that obvious, did ya?). This photo comes from a highly emotional music video, and the lyrics to the song were written by two country music stars -- one of whom lived through the experience the track is penned about, and the other who plays a main role in the video.

A white horse is in several scenes, and this video is full of bleak colors: muted grays, black, white ... there's absolutely no vibrant color in the music video, further intensifying the feelings of sadness the images evoke. It was filmed in a Tennessee state park in the months of January and February, so a few snowflakes and bare trees cap off the angst-filled clip. Do you know what video this picture is from?