Yup, that's a treasure chest, alright. But, the hands holding it aren't those of a pirate ... and it's not filled with glittering jewels or gold watches. It's actually filled with the last thing most people would think of: the ashes of a loved one. A widower is in this scene of the mystery music video, carrying his wife's ashes, ready to do something very important with her remains. Do you know what music video this picture is from?

With almost 10 million views on YouTube, this music video and song touched a lot of fans, and although it may seem a bit morbid to hold a lover's ashes in a treasure chest, the video leading up to that point is incredibly sweet. It follows a boy and girl who are friends since childhood, destined to be lovers ... and their favorite place to play together? The outdoors, specifically a gorgeous beach. The video was shot in an abandoned farmhouse in Watertown, Tenn. and much of the beautiful scenery was produced using green and blue screens. Any guesses?