This video still may not look like much, but it alludes to an important part of the song for this music video. The pic shows a man who is pursuing the sale ads with high hopes of a "good deal." In the song, the mystery singer says she can't stop thinking about a certain guy, despite trying to distract herself with sales.

The single was released way back in 1994 by a country female. It was the first single from the album it comes from, and it climbed all the way to No. 3 on the Billboard US Hot Country Songs chart. It charted for a whopping 20 weeks, but reached its highest mark in October of 1994. The fun, fast-paced love song is all about trying to get your mind off of the one you love -- when they're the only thing on your mind! Do you know which brightly colored-video this picture is from? Click below to find out!