We're feeling generous today, so this video may be a little easy for you! The image from the video's location gives a lot away about the song. It's a hot summer in the south, and everyone heads to where else? The water. Do you think you know what music video this is?

If this music video doesn't have you ready for summer, we don't know what will! The clip consists of boat rides, inner tube rides and one big concert at the very end (on the water, of course!). The singer even takes to the water himself — cowboy hat and all! The picture is a little pixelated, meaning this video isn't new.

The video, like the song, dropped back in 1993 when the singer was at the height of his fame (don't worry, he hasn't gone anywhere). He co-wrote the popular song, which ended up winning CMA Awards for Song of the Year and Single of the Year. Now that we've given you plenty of hints, do you think you know what music video this is from? Find out below and try your hand at more country video trivia.