This image shows one very sweet couple, and the video shows them as a young couple dancing and then as an older couple dancing. This music video focuses on lots of lovin' and adorable couples in various stages of their life. It's a sweet song — do you think you might know what it is?

This music video is in HD, which means it wasn't released that long ago. It premiered on March 23, just a couple months after the song dropped. The song came from the singer's debut album; it was his third single from that album, and it was a big one! It stopped at No. 8 on the Billboard US Country Airplay Chart and helped the singer really make a name for himself.

As far as the song is concerned, it's about a boy in love with a girl who woos her, dances with her and then makes a life with her. Do you think you know yet? Click below to find out, and then take a few more guesses at other videos.