Nothin' says summer like the video from the screenshot above! The video oozes warm weather, water sports and girls in bikinis. It was a successful video and song — it became the singer's very first No. 1 hit. Do you think you know what video this is?

This song really helped country fans fall in love with this singer, who epitomizes summer himself (probably because of where he's from). He's a huge fan of water, and it was really the perfect single for his career — it rose to the top pretty quickly when it was released in 2011. The song wasn't written by the singer, even though he identifies with it. Eric Paslay is one of the co-writers of the tune; he wrote it with Dylan Altman and Terry Sawchuk.

The video was filmed in Nashville at Center Hill Lake, and features the singer's wife. Think you're ready to guess what video this is? Click below to see if you're right, and to try your hand at a few more video trivia questions.