This story begins with this man and his ever-loyal dog out in the middle of nowhere, but the lyrics to the song are about more than just one faithful companion. Do you think you know what video this picture is from?

It's not a high-res photo, so you can bet this clip is a few years old. In fact, it's from 2007, and the song that inspired this video was a No.1 hit and a major comeback for one of country music's most beloved vocalists. The story behind the song is one of the most unusual in country music history — let's just say this song had a long, hard, strange road to the top of the charts.

The video itself features all-star appearances, including one from an all-time country legend, as well as scenes at a lake, by the pool, in the gym and on a farm. The entertaining clip ends on an uplifting note that matches the inspirational tone of the song, which has become a cornerstone track for the artist in question, one of their biggest career hits.

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