This picture comes from a video that proved pivotal in the career of a country superstar. Do you think you know what video this picture is from?

We'll give you a few hints. This song comes from the artist's sophomore album. It was the singer's fifth career single, and this video helped propel the track to become the first No. 1 hit from the artist in question — the first of many. You can tell by the picture that this video is not high definition, so it was released a while back. In fact, it dates back to the early-to-mid 1990s.

This was this country crooner's second video, and it was directed by Sherman Halsey. The singer has changed an awful lot since then, in hairstyle, lifestyle, and career trajectory, but one thing remains the same — this artist is one who has built a career based on great song choices. This is one of those instances where this artist's influence eclipses country music; the singer went on to a level of fame that encompasses a wide spectrum of other media as well, but continues to be a top country artist.

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