If this picture doesn't get you in the mood for a vacation, nothing will. The video is the same. Clearly the driver is heading for Daytona Beach (or is it all just a dream?) in this music video. Can you guess just by the sign what music video this is?

This song epitomizes summer fun — and the singer enjoys all things summer! The tune made its debut in February of 2014 and it was a big hit for the sexy singer, hitting No. 1 on two separate Billboard charts. It's upbeat and paints the perfect picture of a day near the ocean. The song was written by three men, none of whom are the singer, but one is the singer of another rockin' country group.

The video was shot in Daytona Beach, and if you know anything about this singer, you may know why. After the long drive to the Florida beach, the video portrays a couple enjoying the sand together under an umbrella with a cold brew. The singer is also seen in the video, walking behind the couple and then strolling on the beach to sing the song. Think you know what it is now? Click the button below to find out if you're right!