This video still shows the location of this "live" video, which is a big portion of the whole. The chandelier may give you a hint as to what swanky venue this video was filmed in. Another clue? The song was the debut single from a newcomer, out in 2014. Think you may know who it is?

The singer's first foray into country radio was a huge hit for him, climbing to No. 1 on the iTunes country chart. The video shows the rising star having a blast while performing for his fans at the famous venue. Girls are screaming and smiling as he plays and shows those pearly whites ... so now you know he's somewhat of a sex symbol.

The singer's name was known before releasing this song, since he helped to co-write Florida Georgia Line's smash hit, "Cruise." Do you think you know the singer and song now? Find out by clicking below and then try your hand at more trivia!