This sweet song comes to life visually in this beautifully-shot video. The two children develop a love story that pans out in the clip. The song is sung by a Florida singer, and the video came out in 2000. Think you might know it?

We'll give you some more hints: The singer was famous before he started singing songs like this one. He actually got his claim to fame wrestling for the WCW! He released his first single, which was from his self-titled debut album, to country radio in 1989. The song for the video above is on his second album; it was the album's second single and the star's first No. 1 hit.

The visual follows the couple throughout various stages of their relationship. It's coastal — singer performs the song while near the water. He also is seen proposing to the woman of his dreams in a beautiful environment. Think you know the song and video now? Find out below!