The video this black-and-white picture was cut from helped to launch the artist who released it as a major country star. Do you think you might know what video this picture is from?

It's pretty obvious this isn't in HD, so we know it's not too recent. In fact, this video was released in 1996 to accompany the second single from this artist's debut album. The clip shows this lonesome train speeding off into the middle of nowhere, and also features shots of an old farm house, a loyal dog and a porch swing, all inter-cut with shots of the big city.

The song this video promotes became a breakthrough single for the artist, who possesses one of the most unique and identifiable voices in country music. It reached the Top 5, and today, nearly 20 years later, it is still one of this artist's signature songs, though the singer has gone on to a long and diverse career that has touched on many other styles.

The singer has parlayed their country music fame into high-profile stints on television, as well as a number of movie roles, and has been in the headlines off and on over the years for much more than just their music. Now do you think you know what video this picture is from? Click below to see if you're right, and to try your hand at more country music video trivia.