The singer who shot today's video is one of the most popular vocalists of their generation, but we've only heard from them a couple of times over the last few years. Do you think you know what video this picture is from?

This song came out in 2005, and was considered a return to this singer's country roots after a period of releasing more pop-influenced singles. That approach worked; the track became this artist's first No. 1 single in five years, and it earned SESAC Country Song of the Year honors for its two writers, one of whom is a fellow country star. The video intermingles rural settings and scenes of nature with footage of the singer and their band performing in concert.

The lyrics of the song directly reference staying true to one's country roots. This artist has done that, despite a high-profile marriage, forays into acting and a successful second career pitching various products, as well as a tie-in with professional sports. They took a long break from recording and touring not long after this song and video, but returned to the spotlight in a major way over the last couple of years.

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