This music video is all about the ladies — and their beautiful body parts. If that doesn't give it away already, we'll give you more hints. This video was released way back in 2005, you know, before high definition was basically everywhere. Do you think you know what music video this still is from? Find out below.

This official music video is full of scantily clad women enjoying their time in a club. They dance and sway to the upbeat tempo of this fun song under the neon lights. You can't have hot women in a bar without having men following them around — just like in this visual. One of the lovesick men is this song's vocalist. He even shows us a few of his dance moves.

This song was written by a few familiar names — Dallas Davidson, Randy Houser and Jamey Johnson. The tune was a huge hit, and a crossover — it was popular on both country and pop radio. Did we give you enough hints yet? We have faith you can figure this one out. Click below and find out what music video this still is from, and try your hand at more video trivia.