This little model airplane is a small part of this very beautifully done music video. The singer finds it on the ground and hangs it on the wall before he keeps walking. This video is constantly in motion; the singer is walking from place to place, playing guitar (something he does very well) and singing throughout. Can you guess what music video this might be?

The single for this video dropped back in 2013, and it was the first single off a very popular (and important) record for this particular singer. The song is about living life to the fullest, a carpe diem anthem of sorts, and in the video that's just what the singer does. It's also a visual illusion — he starts off in the great outdoors before walking into a house that looks like an extension of that first setting.

The video for this No. 1 hit was directed by Isaac Ravishankara. Think you know what video this is that combines the sexy singer, his guitar skills, a lot of colorful visuals and one classic car? Find out if you're right by clicking below, and see how many more you can guess! Good luck!