This video still isn't just beautiful, it's also very romantic. This sweet couple is at the center of this video, and it's their love story we follow. Their entire relationship is a dream until they meet at the end, when the girl wakes up. Do you know what music video we're describing?

In the video, the adorable couple travel together around the world in an adorable way. They take trains to beautiful locations, but make it a point to take their relationship slow as to not mess anything up. In the end, we realize it's all been a dream when the girl wakes up on a train, with the man of her dreams siting next to her. Could he be the one she's been waiting for her whole life?

This song was released in 2011 and became a No. 1 hit. It's mid-tempo, but pretty catchy, and it's easy to find yourself singing along after one listen. Do you think you know the song that this video still belongs to? Click below to find out if you're correct, then try a few more video trivia questions!