We think this video trivia question is pretty easy -- consider it a post-Halloween gift. The video still shows a truck (or is it two trucks?!) riding down an old dirt road. Either side of the road shows green grass, but each side is a different location. Have you figured it out yet?

The entire video takes place in two locations -- both representative of a state. The split sides mirror one another while happening in different parts of the South. Whether it's eating at a diner with friends, singing from the bed of the truck or just generally goofing around, it happens on both sides. The band does come together for a few scenes of playing and singing in the same location.

The song featured in this music video was released in 2013 and was written by some big names in songwriting, including "Die A Happy Man" singer Thomas Rhett. The video was directed by Peter Zavadil and premiered in the summer of 2013. Do you think you might know the song yet? If not, it may help to know this was the band's third consecutive No. 1 hit. Click below to find out if you’re correct!