As country lovers, it's pretty safe to say we can appreciate a beautiful, jacked up truck! This video celebrates those beautiful rides and the way they look ripping through a dirt field. Do you think you know what music video this image is from?

If trucks are your thing, this video is pure four-wheeled sex appeal. The song is upbeat — and so fun — and the video matches perfectly. The hit song's singer drives one of the several trucks in the video, a cherry red Chevy, with three other trucks circling him as the dirt flies all around him. The singer's smile says it all — this video doesn't just look fun, it was also fun to make.

The singer and his band perform the tune amidst the parked trucks with the night sky behind them. The song was a hit for the singer and it was his first release off a new album, and his first single from his newest record label. Love the song or hate it, it sure is fun, and the video that was shot in Chattanooga, Tenn., is just as fun. Have we given it away yet? Click below to find out if you're right!