This beautiful video girl was the star in a country singer's third single, but his first big hit. With a tattooed back and long brunette hair, the singer spotted this video vixen at a crowded party and just had to get to know her!

She struts her stuff in denim cut-offs and motions for the sexy singer to make his way toward her. So, of course, he obliges. It's mostly a game of cat and mouse throughout the visual, but the country singer also croons on a couch with his guitar and on stage at the party. The story is cute, and just when he thinks he's lost the woman he's been eyeing, she sneaks up on him — much to his delight. They kiss before he smiles at the camera one last time.

Don't know what video this is yet? We have a few more clues for you. This single was the singer's second from his debut studio album — and it's the one that really put him on the map. It worked wonders for him, and when he released the following two singles from the record, they also went to No. 1. Now we think you're ready to make your guess, so go on — click the button below to see if you're right!