Consider this country video trivia question an early Thanksgiving gift. This video still is pretty easy to recognize, if you've been listening to new wave country music. The singer in the video moonlights as a Nashville cab driver.

In this fun video for an equally fun hit song, the singer takes a big yellow taxi cab through the streets of Nashville, picking up people on Demonbreun and in downtown Music City. He sings in the front seat, passing well-lit Tennessee spots, while the people in the back of the cab dance and play in his cab. It's definitely the taxi you want to hail while in Nashville.

The song for this video was the lead single from the singer's debut album, and it really put him on the map as a country singer. He received several New Artist of the Year nominations after this. This was his first No. 1 hit, but started a string of them for the newcomer. Do you have a guess as to what video this is? Click below to find out if you're right.