Yum yum! This burger joint is a pit stop in one super fun music video with a coastal theme (it's also an incredibly catchy song). A group of friends head here for some eats after playing in the ocean. Do you know what music video this is?

This video includes real-life friends of the singer of the song. They take Jeep rides in a coastal town, and the ladies have the wind running through their hair. They jump in the ocean, take walks and stop at Dune Burger to grab a few cones and burgers before heading back to the beach. The video was shot in the same state that this singer was born in — which should be a big hint! If this video doesn't warm you up, we don't know what will.

This song was a big one for this singer, and it was his fifth official single. The song's theme is similar to the video — it celebrates all things summertime! The song was a No. 10 hit on the Billboard charts, but it wasn't written by the talented (and handsome) man who sings it. Now can you guess what music video we're hinting at? Click below and see if you're right!