If winter has you a little cold, this video is sure to warm you right up! These three silly dancing ladies don green wigs for a tropical video that's all about love and marriage.

The song that this video belongs to was a hit in the late 1990s — 1998, to be exact. At the time this singer was still relatively new, and he's still making hits and touring the world today. It was a hit on multiple charts — even reaching No. 1 on one of them.

This music video is tropical, with the singer in various settings singing the song. If you know anything about this singer, the setting of this video will definitely not surprise you. There are bikinis, bright colors and beaches galore. He sings the words to the song while being playful with these three video girls in bright green wigs.

We'll give you one more hint about this tune: It was almost recorded by Tim McGraw. Lucky for the singer, McGraw passed on the song, and it became a hit for a pal of his. Now do you think you can identify this song and the singer? Click below and reward yourself with more trivia if you're right!