This video takes place exactly where it looks like it takes place. This pretty lady lives on a small farm, and she washes her family's clothes in a bucket, hanging them on the line to dry. Something changes, though, and she takes off from her small home. Think you might know this visual?

We think video trivia this week is pretty easy, and if you've been watching country videos for a while, you're sure to know it. The girl washing clothes eventually meets the love of her life and decides to follow her dreams, instead of wasting away on the farm with her family. She leaves in a hurry, leaving just traces of herself behind.

This upbeat song was released in 2004 and was the singer's third No. 1 hit. It's catchy and fun and got a ton of radio airplay. Do you think you know the video that belongs to this still? Try searching your brain for memories of a video where the girl runs off to Vegas to be with the one she loves. Click below to see if you're right, and then test your skills with more country video trivia.